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Class Details


Beginner Class

Two books, listed below, are used for all of the beginner-level classes. You can purchase them from Amazon ($31.02 for both) or another source. 

-- Practice Makes Perfect Basic Spanish Third Edition (ISBN: 978-1-260-45349-2) Amazon Cost: $17.12 ($16 plus $1.12 tax)

-- Easy Spanish Reader 4th Edition by Tandy (ISBN: 978-1-260-46360-6) Amazon Cost: $13.90 ($12.99 plus $.91 tax)

Intermediate Class

-- Practice Makes Perfect Complete All-in-One (Premium Third Edition; Gilda Nissenberg, Editor, McGraw-Hill, 2022, ISBN-13: 978-1264285549).

You can use the following link to download a PDF copy of the Second Edition. There are minimal edition differencesSome prefer a hardcopy rather than having to print particular sections for each class. You can purchase a new or used third edition from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other book sellers.

Advanced Class Book

-- Manual para mujeres de la limpieza por Lucia Berlin (short stories collection). Each week a PDF copy of the story for that week is sent by email, but some prefer to purchase and use the book. The collection consists of 43 stories. Spring 1 session will start with story #22 (Paso).

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