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Spanish Fundamentals
Lesson 1 of 4

Welcome to Lesson 1


You will find this self-paced course to be quite straightforward. The sequence of activities is as follows:

  • Listen to the recorded YouTube Lesson 1 video.

  • Complete the homework assignments.

  • Document any questions or observations as you watch the video and do the assignments, and

  • Continue to Lesson 2. 

You will meet with an instructor after Lesson 2 to review homework, ask questions, and obtain guidance regarding lessons covered thus far. If at any point you feel that you need to interact with an instructor earlier than scheduled, please do not hesitate to contact us using this link:

Lesson 1 Agenda



•Begin listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

•Learn a few basic phrases and how to ask and respond to questions in Spanish.

•Alphabet & Pronunciation:

•Learn and practice pronouncing the Spanish alphabet

•Learn Spanish pronunciation rules, how to pronounce vowels & consonants and properly pronounce Spanish words.


•Begin learning basic Spanish vocabulary

•Learning numbers from zero to 100.

Lesson 1

La tarea (Lesson 1 homework)

1.    Listen to Butterfly Spanish YouTube

• How to say letters and sounds in Spanish

• How to say numbers in Spanish

2.    Click on green buttons to download the homework sheets. Complete exercises as noted below.

Alphabet practice worksheet (pages 4 through 8)

Numbers worksheet (complete all)


Make notes as you work through videos and complete exercises. Write questions.

You will soon meet with an instructor to discuss your questions and notes.

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