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Intermediate Spanish


    Intermediate Spanish builds on concepts and skills learned in beginner Spanish including alphabet, numbers, pronunciation, basic vocabulary, and present tense regular and irregular verb conjugation and usage. Participants review the Spanish present tenses, and are introduced to the past, future, and conditional tenses. A variety of grammatical concepts are explained. Participants also work on comprehension, listening and speaking skills as well as reading and writing.


   Conversation skills are refined through conversational practice. Appropriate readings are used to reinforce intermediate grammar comprehension. Video series are also incorporated to acclimate participants to listening to Spanish speakers - one of the most challenging aspects of learning a new language.


    Intermediate students use Practice Makes Perfect Complete All-in-One (provided) and various reading materials which include but are not limited to short stories, readers, magazines, etc. 


  Students advance through the program at the same pace, engaging in grammar, reading, writing and listening activities each week. 

    Intermediate Spanish topics include:  

  • Review of subject pronouns and present tense regular and irregular verbs

  • Past tense - preterite and imperfect indicative verbs

  • The near future, nouns, and articles

  • Gustar, ser, and estar and expressing opinions

  • Adjectives, adverbs, and comparisons

  • Past tense - preterite and imperfect indicative verbs

  • The progressive tenses

  • Questions, answers, and exclamations

  • Reflexive verbs and reflexive pronouns

  • Direct and indirect object pronouns, commands, and double object pronouns

  • Demonstrative and possessive adjectives and pronouns

  • The future tense

  • Prepositions, phrases, and conjunctions

   The instructor and participant make a mutual joint decision regarding when the learner should move to the advanced level classes. 

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