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Class Descriptions
Classes are taught at various levels depending on your comfort level. We use a "rolling enrollment" policy, which means that you can join the program at the start of any session. Instructors ensure that new participants are effectively integrated into classes even in cases where there might be participants who attended prior sessions.

We also offer assessment appointments to discuss your background and Spanish knowledge and comfort level and offer suggestions about which level and class might best fit your situation. For example, you might have had Spanish in high school, but have not used your Spanish for many years. Although beginner Spanish might be the appropriate level, you might be ready to start at a slightly more advanced beginner level than someone who has never studied Spanish. 

The following links provide a general overview of topics covered at each level. Reviewing these links might be helpful in terms of determining the level that is appropriate for you.


This is our newest class, designed to learn enough Spanish to help prepare for a planned trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

Spanish expressions and basic conversation skills are taught in a short amount of time. 

For those who are interested in a more traditional approach to learning

Spanish and understand that developing Spanish capabilities takes time,

the following classes are available. Additional detail about class levels and

associated outcomes and topics and available by clicking on the title:


We also offer a self-paced Spanish Fundamentals class consisting of

four recorded lectures and two one-on-one review sessions with

one of our instructors. 

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Class Schedule & Registration

Classroom Locations

Face-to-face classes are held at one of the following locations. Go to Class Schedule & Registration to determine the specific location of a particular class:

Murdock Christian Church, 17500 Elmwood Avenue, Port Charlotte, FL 33948

This location is only four miles from the old Forrest Nelson Blvd location. Suggested routes:

  • From North Port or Port Charlotte via Tamiami Trail:

    • Turn on Cochran Blvd toward the U.S. Post Office, go 1.5 miles, left onto Collingswood Blvd, go 1.6 miles and turn right on Elmwood to Church.

    • Alternatively, take Midway until it ends at Edgewater, turn right, go about 1 mile, right at the stop sign onto  Collingswood, go 1/2 mile, and left on Elmwood to Church.

  • From Punta Gorda northbound on Tamiami Trail:

    • Cross Peace River Bridge to second traffic light, left on Edgewater, stay on Edgewater for five miles, right at the stop sign onto Collingswood, go 1/2 mile and left on Elmwood to Church.

South Punta Gorda Heights Civic Center, 11200 1st Avenue, Punta Gorda, 33955

There is a Thursday afternoon beginner Spanish class offered at this location.


Online Classes

Online classes are taught via Zoom and can be taken anywhere that there is a stable Internet connection. Online classes were adopted because of the Covid pandemic and have been very popular, especially for seasonal Floridians. 


Participating via Zoom is convenient and safe since you participate from the comfort of your home. You can join the class using an i-Pad, computer, or even a mobile phone. Online sessions also work well for those who wish to continue attending class when they leave the area for seasonal travel. 

If you are not sure, try an online class before enrolling to see how you feel about learning Spanish through this delivery method. Let us know of your interest to try a session and we will provide a link that you can use from your computer, i-Pad, or other Internet-connected device. 

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Class Schedule & Registration
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