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Travel Spanish

   If you are planning to travel to one or more Spanish-speaking countries and want to acquire some useful Spanish in a short amount of time, this online live class might be for you. It is two hours per week for six weeks and includes optional homework assignments.   

   Your instructor will teach you how Spanish words are pronounced. You will practice various travel scenarios during the six weeks, including:

  • talking with people at the airport, train and bus stations.

  • taking a taxi,

  • checking in to a hotel,

  • asking for directions,

  • ordering food, and

  • shopping.


Topics include:

  • greetings and introductions,

  • numbers, money, and time,

  • transportation,

  • sleeping,

  • eating,

  • shopping,

  • sightseeing,

  • getting help,

  • and using phones and other technology. 


Participants will enroll for one or two six-week sessions, depending on their interest in practicing Spanish before their travel occurs. 

We hope that after returning from your travel you might consider enrolling in our traditional learning program to further develop your conversational skills. 

Travel Spanish Classroom Location

At this time there we have not scheduled a face-to-face travel Spanish class. If there is enough demand, we can add one to the schedule. Please send an email if you would be interested.

Online Classes

Online classes are taught via Zoom and can be taken anywhere that there is a stable Internet connection. Online classes were adopted because of the Covid pandemic and have been very popular, especially for seasonal Floridians. 


Participating via Zoom is convenient and safe since you participate from the comfort of your home. You can join the class using an i-Pad, computer, or even a mobile phone. Online sessions also work well for those who wish to continue attending class when they leave the area for seasonal travel. 

If you are not sure, try an online class before enrolling to see how you feel about learning Spanish through this delivery method. Let us know of your interest to try a session and we will provide a link that you can use from your computer, i-Pad, or other Internet-connected device. 

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